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When you have determined your future career to work in the tourism sector, the selection of a university has a very important role to be able to open up opportunities in the future. So, here’s information about how to register to be able to take part in the poltekpar prima new student admissions (pmb) process that you can use as a reference if you have made poltekpar prima the choice to pursue higher education that focuses on tourism:

Prospective new students register online or through the campus pmb committee or expo activities held by the prima poltekpar
If prospective new students register online, then prospective new students will receive e-mail.

Information via the e-mail that has been registered

Payment for medical tests via bank transfer or cash. After making a payment for a medical test, prospective new students canĀ  Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List confirm payment for a medical test
Furthermore, prospective new students can print usm cards and medical tests
At this stage, prospective new students will carry out the usm process, submit initial requirements & medical tests.

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After carrying out the usm process, the announcement of the usm results will be informed
If prospective students graduate according to the results of the announcement of usm results, then prospective new students can re-register.
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In addition, there are several documents that new student candidates must prepare before registering at poltekpar prima, including:

Color photo 4×6 2 sheets red background

Photocopy of ktp and family card (1 sheet) ktp number must be filled in the registration form

Photocopies of report cards from semesters 1-5 or photocopies of diplomas.
Insert the file into the folder (d4 is red, d3 is blue and 1 year is yellow.
for complete information, you can visit the official poltekpar prima website here.

Danacita is a financial technology company, which aims to expand access to education in indonesia by providing an educational financing platform Europe Email in stages for students and professionals. Danacita and poltekpar prima have teamed up to provide affordable education financing solutions for poltekpar prima students to finance their studies.

The collaboration held by danacita and poltekpar prima.Is by holding a monthly installment program with an installment period of up to 24 months. For prospective students at the new student admissions (pmb) poltekpar prima. In this installment program through danacita, prospective students. Can choose 2 installment categories, normal and gold categories according to the needs of prospective students.



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