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According to a simple understanding, public policy is everything that is stated by the government, whether it is done or not done.

In determining and making a policy, it is not easy, especially if this policy can affect the people at large. Because there are many aspects that you need to take into account.

So, for those of you who want to continue to masters, and in the field of public policy, danacita has a suggestion for you! That is sgpp!

About sgpp
Sgpp or college of government and public policy is a high school that teaches how to take public policy, which can affect all sectors both nationally and internationally. The public policy study program, sgpp wants to shape its students so they can not only implement public policy, but also be able to analyze it. Of course this is not only about policies in indonesia, but also those that can be implemented in many countries.

Sgpp has a mission to enable students studying masters degree here to produce public policies that have national and international influences.

Indonesia currently does not have many people who are strong

For this reason, sgpp, which stands under the smart unggul indonesia foundation, wants to produce someone who has analytical skills and is also able to make structured policies.

Curriculum at the college of governance and public policy (sgpp)
When you go to college, of  Belgium Phone Number List course you want to make sure whether the curriculum is in accordance with what you expect. So, here is the masters curriculum at the indonesian school of government & public policy (sgpp):

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Semester 1 curriculum
Public policy planning, implementation and evaluation
Public sector economics
Indonesia and its interconnected world
Research methods
Critical thinking and academic writing
Decision analysis and applied statistics for public policy
Semester 2 curriculum
Public policy evaluation
Bargaining, negotiation and conflict resolution
Social technological innovation and environmental sustainability
Seminar proposal thesis
Semester 2 curriculum

Global disorders and disruptive technologies

Energy policy
Facilities at the indonesian school Europe Email of government & public policy (sgpp).
At sgpp, you will get various types of facilities that you can enjoy. This facility is provided so that you can meet the targets you have set and also help you to grow. Some of the facilities that have been provided are:

Comfortable classroom
Library with a collection of more than 10,000 books
Student lounges
Shuttle bus that takes students to and from campus
Registration procedure at the indonesian school of government & public policy (sgpp) new student admissions (pmb).
ext, just download the application, then fill in the form that has been given. Don’t forget to attach it again. After that, sgpp will review the documents that you have uploaded. If you pass, you will be invited to conduct an interview with the sgpp admissions team. It’s quite easy isn’t it to register.

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