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There are almost it turns out my question was not sent to but to an outside company and I’m still waiting for their response. I don’t recommend it! I always receive the fastest response times and the most comprehensive answers from. So if this is an important factor to someone this is where I would focus. It also does a pretty good job in this regard. A brief overview of e-commerce platforms from the ranking. The choice of the analysis platform was based on my knowledge of the most popular e-commerce solutions I am good at positioning online stores and on voting on the blog. If someone in the comments requests that additional platforms be added to the list and they continue to do so. I will be able to update this material. Edo Sales is a Polish e-commerce platform. 

Everything is based on your current 

The cost of running an online store on this platform starts from PLN per month, but you can only order a maximum of 1 order per month. Then you have to Photo Retouching upgrade to a plan with PLN 4 orders per month. In addition, you will need to pay an additional fee for each subsequent order. PLN for an order. Plus add-ons come with a lot of additional costs. I’m worried that running a store on this platform could be very expensive. A more rational choice for me would be or . Provide educational materials such as blogs and webinars. This is an old store.

photo retouching

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There is no way to edit pages or files in their store and the online store loads the slowest of any store I have tested. The price list looks weird to me and not being able to get an answer to my question for over two weeks disqualifies this platform in my opinion. The owners of the platform placed a link in the footer of their website and harnessed the potential power Europe Email of the store. I discovered the Edo Sales Red Car when I was writing my last list in 2010, but it didn’t have the best ratings at the time. How does it look now? On you can run an online store offering products for PLN per month with no order quantity limit an annual fee of PLN per month is payable in advance.

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