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These are contracts under which trainees are prepard for the profession without paying for the course in advance – they do it later from their salary after getting their dream job. A great example is Lambda School, which has raisd $122 million in funding from investors over the past 5 years. Bartholomew continues: This is […]

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The company describes its product as a “payroll-as-a-service API”, meaning integration with payroll systems is part of their value proposition. A good example is also Worksmile, acquird in 2021 by Grupa for a seven-figure amount. which helps employers to promote a healthy lifestyle among employees. Worksmile fits into the client’s ecosystem thanks to integrations […]

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What does it give us? Lower costs of acquiring a valuable customer. So what about the credibility of the recommendation. The NPS survey has become a permanent feature in our country as the main survey measuring satisfaction. It has its supporters and opponents. On the one hand, the advantage of NPS over traditional loyalty research […]

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Click Advanc measurement Look for the option to add. A list of unwant referrers.List of unwant referrers Select a match type. In the Domain section, enter the matching domain ID (. example). To add another domain, click Add condition. Click Save.List of unwant referrers In this way, you can add all the domains that you […]

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Funkymia SEO Skierniewice also offers monitoring and reporting services to help you track your website’s SEO progress. WHAT ARE THE LATEST TRENDS IN WEBSITE POSITIONING USING FUNKYMIA? The latest trends in website positioning using Funkymia are focusing on content optimization, the use of keywords, creating backlinks and the use of analytical tools. Content optimization is […]