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They differ in objectives. Budget. Creativity. Languages but they all have a methodology in common: ideation and storytelling. Which take place before filming or selecting images. The conception is a phase as important as the production because it defines the subject and narrative structure in relation to the budget and the objectives of the client. What happens in the video? Who are the protagonists? How do they express themselves. How are they dress . What is the scenography? And again: with which directorial language. With which lighting and photography direction. With which soundtrack? There are many aspects that contribute to the production of a video and must be defin  before starting filming.

The area in which one operates

In fact. Changes to a script or storyboard asia email list are one thing; changing parts of the video during shooting are much more complex and time-consuming. Setlist. Script or storyboard? Ideation and storytelling of a video – espero formazione coursehow does ideation happen? The tools are those deriv  from the cinematic world. Although in a simpler way. We start with the definition of a subject and gradually choose the most appropriate in-depth tool for the idea shar  with the client. Storytelling can be develop  in a script    in a lineup    in a screenplay or in a storyboard: the choice depends on the biref. The area in which one operates. The complexity or simplicity of the video we are dealing with.

Locations and all the various elements must

When working on a video you must also keep in mind that words are Europe Email functional to images : descriptions. Narrative texts. Dialogues. Locations and all the various elements must be design  to best express each scene. No to tongue twisters. No to improvis  and anonymous contexts.  The film  word ideation and storytelling of a video – espero formazione courseit’s not enough to know how to invent good stories and know how to write them: it’s essential to know what happens next    to make the best narrative choices.

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