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I found out about a company that manufactures and rents large inflatables for recreational events. Those huge ones several meters high that children play in and that children happily jump into. When i asked them about their differentials, they explained them clearly to me: they are the first to launch new attractions inspired by other countries on the market (designs to give their customers options). We do not the materials are more resistant and the seams are firmer (greater safety), they provide more people than normal to support each event (faster flow of children so they enjoy more and wait less in line, as well as being more attentive) and they pay their employees more on average than other inflatable companies (stability with the company, so they know their work and handling children better).

Powerful differential 

Powerful and significant arguments. Obviously, since the competition does not match this value proposition, it attacks them with low prices. Powerful differential (but it is confidential) then they give me their company’s promotional flyer, which says: “we work with the premise that each of our clients is unique and special. It’s not just recreation and executive email list entertainment. It is wanting to design them with meaning, knowing how to design them responsibly and daring to execute them with creativity.” additional list of services and contact information.  Every day i see the same situation.

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We have A, but we communicate B

We do not Every time i talk to both entrepreneurs and executives of an organization, i ask them, why should a client prefer you over their competition? After a little digging, the answer is usually an interesting differential. However, when i ask them to share how they are Europe Email communicating it, end of story. I go to their website, review their corporate presentation or business proposal, look at their advertising material or whatever they are using to promote themselves, hoping to see that message with brutal clarity somewhere. Deathly silence. That is the enormous problem that the vast majority of businesses have: they are not communicating their differentials. They are filling their pieces with nice rhetoric that doesn’t say much to clients.

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