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.Furthermore, Black Friday is capable of bringing 21% more sales than a normal period, bas on data from 2017. In other words, it is a valuable opportunity to improve your results. The data is from a Neoatlas report on Black Friday 2017. Brazilian .consumer .behavior The female .p.ublic .makes .up the .majority of purchases on Brazilian .Black Friday. representing 54.5% of sales in 2017, according to the Neoatlas report. The Southeast Region concentrat the majority of requests, representing 61.7% of them. It is possible to observe an increase in the effectiveness of marketing campaigns carri out with the aim of generating sales.

The importance of SEO for e-commerce Implementing

According to the Neoatlas study, the average conversion rate increas from 2.4% to 2.7% compar to the previous year. Outside of the promotion period, this number is 1.6%. However, more than 81.3% of carts generat in .razilian. e-commerce. were .abandon. It is clear how. necessary it is to .implement. effective actions to convince the customer. to finalize .the purchase. The. importance ..of SEO for e-commerce .Implementing an .SEO .strategy should .not be seen as optional. In a .highly .competitive. field like the. internet, you ne. all the. resources  new database  possible to stand out among so many alternatives and .reach the .right customer .profile for .your goals. Here are. the .top five. reasons to. implemen.t an SEO strategy in your e-commerce: 1.

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Helps The. Customer .Find .Your .Store .You .May. Have. Already. Notic .That .There. Is .More and More Competition in The. E-Commerce .Market Today. It Has Become. Very Easy .To Set Up .Your .Own. Online Store. Which Increases  for the .Right Audience. You Can .Beat All. This .Competition.2. It has excellent value for money Working with SEO is not expensive. In fact, it’s free. You will .only ne to .dicate part of the time to .creating. and. maintaining. your .pages to ensure that the .optimization .rules are. being f.ollow. This contributes  Europe Email  to this ..initiative. being. very. cost-effective . After all, it is capable of .ringing a. good .volume. of sales .to your store .without the. ne for .heavy. investments.

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