The lack of PCD’s in the market and its impacts

To achieve the goal of a healthier and more multiple environment, it is the role of companies to implement policies to transform the corporate culture, where everyone shares the same processes and ideals. Many companies are still figuring out how to apply such purposes in their routine, and a focus on certain groups, such as the disabled, improves this procedure. The success of these practices effectively and quickly requires the involvement of managers and executives inside everything. Learn more about this reality and the context of action. Diversity brings benefits to both parties The search for plural organizations has increased, both for social responsibility and for the competitive point of view. According to the Instituto de Identidades do Brasil (IDBR), this topic has a great impact on the job market. For every 10% increase in gender, for example, there was an increase of approximately 5% in productivity.

The last report released by the IBGE

I always take these issues into the establishment’s actions and decisions. If in a selection process, there is a vacancy and two candidates with the same technical capacity, I will prioritize the one I know has fewer opportunities”, says Priscyla Caldas, CEO of Aruna Marketing. Conducted by the McKinsey consultancy, the Diversity Matters 2020 study proved an increase of 14% more chances of outperforming competitors for Cyprus WhatsApp Number List corporations that value equity in their teams. In addition, they are 93% more likely to achieve superior financial performance when employees perceive this equalization. In general, all of this goes beyond obligation, as a varied workplace, with welcome, acceptance, respect and better experiences for everyone, opens up space for improving skills, productivity and recognition.

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Disability is one of the main barriers

Establishing a culture based on this field brings representativeness and inspiration, consequently enhancing profitability and promoting strength within the enterprise. PCD’s are a minority in the market and in positions of power According to a survey by Talento Importar, leadership positions in companies are still far from people with disabilities. Among the corporations which opened specific vacancies to holders Europe Email of a deficit through the firm, less than 0.5% of them offered openings in leadership positions and of these, 0.30% had salaries above R$ 8,900.00. In 2022, of the total vacancies filled by PCD’s from the organization, 82% were allocated to entry positions, with average salaries of R$ 1,634.00, 17% for operational areas and 22% for commercial areas. In addition, 61% in administrative sectors of the contractors.

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