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In this scenario, Morgan suggests how much it makes no sense to invest in actions to motivate, considering that the origin of the problem is the positive or negative experiences of the cooperators in the workplace. “His opinion permeates the idea of ​​the relevance of investments in improvement actions, structurally solving the problems faced by employees on a daily basis”, emphasized the CEO. Despite seeming easy, these qualifications can also be generic, making it difficult to understand visibly effective actions. “Therefore, it is possible to explore the topic through the prism of how we define the ‘ideal experience’. We can consider how there are two perspectives in this regard: that of the company and that of the employees”, he added.

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In this way, EX comes precisely to unite both parts, with an intersection between perspectives. “ on the wishes of the members, the better our ‘Employee Experience Design’ is and, consequently, the smaller the Gap of Experience”, he pointed out. We recommend:a healthy environment transforms Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List the employee experience. Thinking about the employee experience is not just a function of HR Infographic with the responsibilities involve in the employee experience In general, this responsibility is a lot of the HR people, but not only. After all, it needs to be align throughout the hierarchy of an institution to really deliver results. Therefore, see some important roles in this mission: – Collaborators : have the demands of building their own experience with protagonism.

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That is, attitudes and actions aligned with their own needs and opinion, participating in surveys and other listening mechanisms; – Direct leaders : they are capable of making tangible the delivery of the experience in a “personalized” way for the members of their teams in the day-to-day business; – Human Resources : responsible for structuring the team through the EX Program, organizing the execution of Europe Email focused initiatives and orchestrating the other participants through data and governance. Therefore, to always stay on top of successful news, Nube is your ally! Follow TV Nube and check out other articles on the blog , frequently posted to help you enter the market. Also follow us on social networks, we are present on Instagram, Threads, Facebook, Twitter (X), LinkedIn, TikTok and YouTube with incredible posts.

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