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Asks: How are you doing? But before the next task – how The product’s potential about we take a little break together in the meantime? Read here more about how we have fun at work . KATARIINA AUVINEN Katariina gets fir up about doing effective social mia marketing for a client. As a former journalist writing ads that speak to the buyer persona is particularly close to his heart. The annual marketing clock is one of the important tools of marketing planning. It includes the most important marketing measures for a certain period typically during

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The next year. annual marketing calendar is creat at the end of the year for the following year but of course there can be many schules of the annual business database calendar depending on the nes of the business. With the help of the annual clock you control the everyday activities of marketing and you implement your marketing strategy in a systematic way. At its best the year clock helps you understand the most important focus area in your marketing at each moment guides your marketing teams activities and gives an overall picture of marketing

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About it May is a break which we emphasize that we employees are allow to breathe. Thats why we also decid to talk about what its like to work at Suomen Digimarkkintinn what it means in practice and how employee well-being is taken care of. Here social mia expert  Europe Email Katariina Auvinen shares our thoughts . When I was little my father lost his job. For years he had been drilling almost around the clock and giving his all to the work. At that time I thought that I last day at work where he had also push himself almost to the limit no

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