What is the real purpose of our life in this world

We don’t know what’s around us.

Is there something that harms us or not.

In dark places we are always filled with feelings of anxiety, anxiety, doubt and worry.

Because of that, most people don’t want to be in a dark room.

The same is true of people who do not know the purpose of their lives. He will always be surrounded by doubt.

Because they don’t know where this life ends.

He will try to satisfy his life in the world as if he will remain in it

They don’t know what will happen after death.

Such a person is like being asked to enter a Phone Number List dark room, he is overshadowed by the fear of something he does not know about death.

Even though he knew that everyone was going to die, he just deliberately didn’t want to think about his ignorance.

People who have the wrong purpose in life will also feel restless
Why not calm down?

Because generally people who do not know the true purpose of life, they tend to attach this purpose of life to something of a worldly nature.

Whereas something earthly is impermanent.

Until a time when the property that is his goal fails to be achieved or is lost, then he will be stressed and disappointed until he commits suicide.

Life without purpose will make our life feel empty.

Without knowing the purpose of life this life becomes something routine and boring

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Finding meaning and purpose in life has a huge Europe Email impact on our productivity
Photo by Guilherme Cunha on Unsplash
Life is a journey, opportunity and faith.

The values ​​that govern our lives will affect the outcome of this journey.

Unfortunately, when we look at the drivers of productivity in today’s consumer society, often the purpose is unclear and inappropriate.

These goals are closely related to the world and not directly related to our relationship with God.

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