The Role of a Digital Marketer in Business

Then, what is the role of digital marketers in business? It turns out that digital marketers have a significant role in the digital age like today. Here’s the role:

Promoting products with effective media, a digital marketer will try to find effective marketing or promotion strategies by utilizing various marketing channels
Connecting companies with consumers, it is a digital marketer’s obligation to find out what consumers want or need. After knowing it, the stages of production to marketing will be much more targeted and answer consumer needs
Expanding the target market, namely by utilizing various existing digital marketing channels.

Are digital marketing experts needed in indonesia.

As is well known, now we have entered the digital age 4.0 where almost all activities are carried out online. According to the global data website , e-commerce in indonesia is expected to grow by 23.8% in 2022 which will reach idr 420.8 trillion. From 2021 to 2025, activity in indonesian e-commerce is also expected to experience an annual growth of 22.0% reaching idr 753.8 trillion in 2025.

This increase is due to the  USA Phone Number List increasing number of indonesian people transacting online, such as in e-commerce, starting since the pandemic in 2020. Therefore, it can be concluded that digital marketing experts are needed in indonesia because of the increase in existing online activities.

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Digital marketers duties
So , we’ve discussed what digital marketing is, now we’re going to do digital marketing tasks that digital marketers do. As we discussed above, a digital marketer must be able to get customers and potential customers through online channels.

Because there are so many marketing channels

We will be able to divide them into several job descriptions. Following are some of the responsibilities or job descriptions that are carried Europe Email out by a digital marketer.

Assigned to create quality content to make it easier for users to get information about the products or services offered. In social media marketing, content is key. Don’t forget that the content created must be in accordance with the target market. So that your content will have high engagement

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Social Media Marketing
Tasked with reaching the target market through social media platforms. Like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, etc. Social Media Marketing also has a role to build brand awareness of the products or services we offer.


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