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Reading is recommended by Ruy Shiozawa, former CEO of Great Place to Work Brasil and considered the most current on people management. “We Have No Stock… and We Sell A Lot!”, by Cassio Canali A common complaint for many people is to try too hard every day and not feel recognized for it, with a compatible remuneration. Therefore, adding an extra source of income is the choice of the majority, generating new cash inflows in the bank account. However, the lack of time tends to be an obstacle to success in this strategy. In this context, Cassio Canali, a reference name in the national stock-free sales market, has already helped thousands of individuals to find this path in their courses and now offers this content in the book “We Have No Stock… and We Sell A Lot.

The teaching of philosophy as a philosophical

The Teaching of Philosophy as a Philosophical Experience”, by Fábio Antônio Gabriel With 16 years of experience in classrooms, professor Fábio Antônio Gabriel defends how philosophy should connect with the students’ reality, so as not to become just a memorization discipline. Thus, in his book “ experience”, the writer uses qualitative and empirical research to show how the thoughts of the subject contribute to Belize WhatsApp Number List the formation of opinion and also to the notions of ethics and morals. “How We Learn” by Benedict Carey The work is not just a collection of tips and tricks to study better. It’s a detailed analysis of how the human brain works when learning something new. The author, Benedict Carey, covers everything from the impact of sleep and exercise on learning, to the way in which the body consolidates and retrieves information. The book challenges some common assumptions about teaching.

WhatsApp Mobile Number List

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For example, while many believe in constant repetition as the key to memorizing elements, the text suggests spacing out this practice and allowing for some forgetting, strengthening memories in the long run. This concept is just one of many insights offer. One of the great strengths of “How We Learn” is the way it translates the complex science involve in absorbing knowledge into practical concepts which Europe Email can be appli in daily life. to maximize demands, a professional looking to catch up in a new field, or an educator looking to improve practices, there is something of value to be reflect upon. Did you like the directions? Ocloudpublishes every weekend, on its blog, articles with tips on courses, contests and exhibitions, check it out on our website and enjoy! Don’t forget to follow us on social networks, we are present on Instagram.

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