The temptation of this dajal is indeed strong

He Will Come Rushing in as if in a Hurricane That is Mounting and Growing, Then He Will Pass Away.

Its Movement is Like a Wave. Let This Dajal Pass One by One.

I Illustrate This ‘dajal’ as a Wave. Part ‘a’ is the Goal That We Need to Go Through. While Part ‘b’ is Also the Dajal That Has Passed. The Waves Facebook, Youtube. Sms, Games and Twitter Are Big and High, So I Call Dajal.
Also Please Be Vigilant. However, Sometimes Our Minds Also Influence. Us So We Don’t Continue With the Task.

Let This Also Pass From Us.

The important thing is we relax and stay focused.

Now we just need to take small steps to get started As small as possible

When it’s started, the rest of the things will Database happen by themselves and follow our steps so that the task is ready.

We just need to get started !

It’s not hard to get rid of this attitude of being tough and suspending work.

What’s important is that we need to always be aware of the temptations of the dajal that are coming and let them pass.

What Can Be Concluded is:
Identify the Most Important. However, Tasks/things That Need to Be Completed on That Day.
Do a Small Part. Of the Task Even Though Lazy. The important thing is we ‘start’
Eliminate all distractions

If you are hit by a wave of dajal temptations take a break take a breath


Stay in focus to complete our task.
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