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ZoomInfo, Selectory and China Select

In today’s era of information explosion, discovering accurate potential customer information is the key to business expansion. Business contact databases have emerged as a powerful tool for companies to efficiently obtain B2B business contacts. This article will focus on the three well-known business contact databases on the market: ZoomInfo, Selectory and China Select (assuming it is a well-known Chinese business contact database), to help you gain an in-depth understanding of their advantages, applicable scenarios, and considerations suitable for Chinese companies, so as to make the best choice.

Introduction to the three major business contact databases

ZoomInfo (Zoe Shares)

ZoomInfo is a world-renowned B2B business data provider with a database covering more than 500 million companies worldwide, including a large amount of business contact information. ZoomInfo’s advantages lie in its strong data coverage, detailed contact information (including name, position, email, phone number, etc.), and advanced search and data analysis capabilities. In addition, ZoomInfo also provides buyer intent data to help companies identify potential customers in the buying cycle and improve the quality of sales leads.


Selectory is another well-known B2B business data provider,

Known for its high data quality and precise positioning. Selectory’s database covers more than 120 million companies worldwide, and provides Telemarketing Insurance Leads Appointment Setting a variety of filtering and search functions to help companies accurately locate target customer groups. Selectory’s feature is its deep coverage of the European market, especially suitable for companies expanding their business in Europe.

Telemarketing Insurance Leads Appointment Setting

China Select (assuming it is a well-known Chinese business contact database)

China Select (assuming Unlocking the Gateway: The Vietnamese Country Code it is a well-known Chinese business contact database) focuses on B2B business data in mainland China, covering a large number of Chinese companies and their contact information. The advantage of China Select is its localization advantage in the Chinese market. The database information is in line with China’s national conditions, and it can provide some Chinese-specific data that ZoomInfo and Selectory do not have, such as business license information, industrial and commercial registration information, etc.

Comparison of applicable scenarios of the three major databases

focuses on the Chinese market, China Selectory has more advantages.
Data requirements: If the company needs comprehensive and detailed contact information and buyer intention data, ZoomInfo is the best choice. If you pay more attention to data accuracy, advanced search functions and coverage of the European market, Selectory is worth considering. China Select is suitable for companies that need data with Chinese characteristics.
Budget: The pricing strategies of the three major databases are different, and companies should choose according to their own budget. Generally speaking, the price of ZoomInfo will be relatively high, while the price of China Select may be more competitive.

Remarks: ✓ means applicable; x means not applicable.
How should Chinese companies choose?

For Chinese companies, choosing a suitable business contact database requires comprehensive consideration of the following factors:

Target market: If the company mainly expands overseas markets, ZoomInfo and Selectory are good choices. If it
In addition to the three major databases, other options that Chinese companies can consider
Industry associations: Some industry associations provide relevant information about member companies, which can be obtained by companies for free or at a lower price.
Business activities: Participating in industry exhibitions, business forums and other activities can meet potential customers and obtain business contact information.
Social media: Using social media platforms such as LinkedIn, you can actively establish connections with potential customers.
Content marketing: Attract potential customers by publishing high-quality content and obtain their contact information.
Business contact database is an important tool for companies to expand B2B business. Choosing the right database can help companies save time and resources and improve sales efficiency. The three major databases have their own advantages, and Chinese companies should choose according to their own needs, target markets and budgets. In addition, other methods can be combined to obtain business contact information, build diversified customer acquisition channels, and help companies stand out in the fierce market competition.

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