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For a long time I had been wanting to make one of these reflections posts, giving myself free rein and letting myself go. Like my body was asking me to do it and I hadn’t done it because I was a little afraid. You know what I mean. And what I want to talk about is fear . A word so well known that expresses a concept so unknown to many. Mind you, I’m not talking about having ever experienced it. No, we all feel it on more occasions than we are aware of. I mean understanding its function and operation.

Fear is natural and has a protective function.

That’s how it is. Fear is a state of mind that occurs when we perceive danger. If you want you can see the definition of fear industry email list on Wikipedia but I’m not going with that plan with this post. Just stay with this: Fear is emotion and alertness when danger is perceived . If there is no danger, there is no fear. If we do not perceive something as a danger, there is no fear. The physiological effects produced by fear are something like when we dope. I am not an expert in this matter but I will tell you that it improves our performance so that we can emerge from that threatening situation unscathed.

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Fear is timid and cowardly.

Fear is not bad as long as it does not block us . The terror and anxiety that fear can provoke in us can have the opposite Europe Email effect of its main function, paralyzing or hindering us and making us more vulnerable. Then we are screwed. This causes the worst of all: the fear of fear . Phew, that really sends eggs . When we are afraid of fear we will try to avoid feeling it and the only way to achieve this is by risking the minimum, so we will be condemning ourselves to nullity, to not being able to evolve or challenge ourselves or improve. This is, if you allow me, really scary .

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