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A generic level. A good example of the ATL marketing approach is a nationwide or even global television advertising campaign. The same ad is shown nationwide to all viewers, meaning people from all demographics. This strategy is a good way to promote your brand, but it’s hard to measure the exact impact and return on investment. However, its goal is not to increase the conversion rate in a precise way. It is to make customers aware of the existence of a brand or product in general and to increase the company’s visibility on the market.

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Nee a better communication strategy? We recommend only the best solutions. Enter your e-mail, we will contact you BTL marketing, or the reverse of ATL marketing BTL marketing is a strategy that is base on something completely opposite to ATL. It is addresse database only to selecte people who have been identifie as potential customers. Popular BTL strategies include direct marketing, such as the use of email and social meia, and event sponsorship. Unlike ATL, BTL marketing focuses on targeting specific ads to specific people. The communication strategy in this case is to ensure that both the content and its location are as close as possible to the intentions of potential customers.


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BTL also differs from ATL marketing in that it is much more focuse on return on investment (ROI), achieving conversion rate increase, and “measurable” success. Rather than simply increasing brand awareness, BTL aims to physically reassure Europe Email consumers of the product, focusing directly on the user and their nees. We recommend What content marketing strategy is effective? Characteristics of ATL marketing ATL marketing consists of wide-reaching advertising activities aime at a wide audience. As already mentione, ATL communication is aime at building a brand and informing customers about the product.

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