Three specific questions for the history of our brand

Three specific questions for the history of our brand. In addition to these general questions to consider when creating your storytelling or content based on stories, there are three other essential questions, subsequently, for the story of your brand. First of all, cold stories never manage to engage, so including a degree of emotionality without being excessive will be the key to touching the emotional chord in the people who read, see or listen to your story. If you are too emotional, people may think you are very nerdy, and if you do not show emotions, you may create rejection. So look for balance and, above all, coherence in how you and/or your brand are.

What dose of personal life are you going to include in your storytelling

Stories generate identification in the audience, in people. Therefore, it does not matter if you are a hotel, a travel agency or a tourism consultant. We all have an origin, a story and a purpose that we must be able to tell. Storytelling allows us to include pain points, so, once we dare to talk about it, without going overboard with drama, the recipient will be able to see themselves reflected in what we are telling. So I recommend that you tell part email contact list of your personal story, things that you achieved thanks to a moment of weakness that became your strength and made you get to where you are today.

From what moment do I want others to know about me

From what moment do I want others to know about me. Finally, it is necessary to know how much you want others to know about your past. Ask yourself what part of your story you can omit because it will not interest anyone or add to your current audience and clients, and what other part can generate value for the rest of the people. When you decide to tell the story of your business or project, you stand out from others. In addition, you create personal Europe Email relationships with your customers by generating empathy in them and, in addition, you manage to motivate users to want to know more about your business.

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