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Being busy in college doesn’t mean you can’t be active in organizations and take part in extracurricular activities to develop yourself. Each student can run both as long as they are good at dividing their time between lectures and other activities.

Generally, student organizations and activities are carried out after classes or lectures are over. The time span can last from noon to night. This activity can also be adapted to lectures, because after all lectures are still a top priority as students.

You can participate in one or even more activities by dividing your time appropriately

There is time for studying, doing assignments, attending organizational meetings, resting, and refreshing or looking for entertainment so you don’t get stressed.

The following are tips for dividing time well between lectures and student organizations that can be applied while studying.

Make schedule
Before allocating time, it is important Iran Phone Number List to make and detail every activity carried out during college. Arrange a schedule of all your activities on an agenda book, sticky note, or simply on a calendar stuck in your room.

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Another option for creating a schedule is to include it in your mobile calendar —complete with reminders and schedule applications , which are widely available for free.

You can make class or lecture schedules, organizational meetings, extracurricular activities, and other activities that already have a definite schedule. Make a schedule per week, month, or even per semester.

This schedule is important because if you only rely on memory

You will be prone to forgetting. That way, you can ensure that you don’t miss any important activities. This schedule can also avoid conflicting activities because they take place at the same time.

Create to-do lists

A to-do list is a smaller scale than a schedule. To-do Europe Email list is a list of jobs that have the closest deadline or will be done in the near future, for example one day or one week. Completed work can be marked or crossed out.

Making a to-do list can make it easier for you to share your time. This list can also be your reminder of unfinished work.

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