Tips for using Snapchat in your social media strategy


Social media Share Snapchat arriv in full force in the universe of applications and conquer a large part of smartphone users , especially younger ones. One of the factors responsible for its popularity is its own mechanism: the photos and videos publish can only be seen once and are online 24 hours a day, that is, those who saw it, great, those who didn’t see it, wait for the next one. In addition to Stories, a resource that allows the creation of small visible narratives for contacts on each profile. At first glance, the social network is more attractive to individuals, not brands. However, this idea was hit with the creativity of the profiles Your business can also become a reference in the app, as long as there is planning and strategy,

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Below are six tips for using Snapchat in your social media strategy: 1- Create an account and follow the right users Before you start snapchatting with your company. Brand or business account, follow the China Mobile Number List users that your audience is interest in and might want to follow as well. Keep an eye on what everyone posts and how they post, especially if you’re not familiar with the app. This will help you make decisions and create better content . Explore the functions and endless options of doodles , filters and emojis. 2- Make a data analysis plan One of Snapchat’s negative points is its data analysis. At the end of the day, the only information available is previews. Screenshots and replies.. There is not even an indication of the total number of followers. This count is replac by a score that reflects the sum of messages sent and received.

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Your retention rates daily. 3- Seek content ideas from your team At the beginning of the project, ideas flow in droves. Over time, they start to run out, even more so if the account is manag by a single professional. The Europe Email ideal is to encourage the whole team to participate, through brainstorming meetings, for example. Another cool way is to send an email inviting people to be part of the social network, participating in the filming and photos or just sharing story suggestions. 4- Focus on variety Keeping an audience interested in your content is not an easy task, this goes for any social network.

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