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Track your success the performance of each element of the strategy.  Value per customer Inbound marketing allows you to calculate. Te value per customer in certain products or services, as well as the overall value obtaine from each customer. This helps keep the B B web marketing strategy in touch with. The needs of the target audience, reduce churn, and expand the overall value that is obtaine. Trom customers. The value per customer can be determine by this formula: Average sales value per customer Average number of annual sales per customer verage retention period of the typical customer.

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The time period can be define in months or years depending on the product or service being offere. Precise knowledge wedding photo editing service of this KPI helps to optimize the sale of new products or services to existing customers, which is undoubtedly much more cost.effective than continually seeking new customers. The most suitable tool from this perspective is lead nurturing, which is excellent not only for optimizing the sales cycle but also for commercial development . Download the ebook . ROI of inbound activities Knowing your ROI is essential for tracking performance. It allows you to effectively plan future strategies, correct what isn’t working or redistribute the budget.

wedding photo editing service

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The ROI calculation can be done with the following formula  sales growthmarketing investments  marketing investment Traffic ead ratio Knowing the traffic on your company website and knowing where it comes from is very important. For example, if traffic goes up but the number of leads goes down, something isn’t working as it should in the conversion process. It is necessary to keep track of this indicator to precisely measure the level of engagement in each type of source, whether Europe Email organic traffic, corporate social media or referrals . Its analysis allows us to know when it is necessary to optimize content, design, form or CTA

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