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The absence of confidence can be an obstacle to taking advantage of relevant opportunities in life. In the business environment, for example, many people face the phenomenon known as “Imposter Syndrome”, in which they carry the feeling of being inadequate or discovering a fraud at any time. This feeling results in the avoidance of day to day activities. The disease is often diagnosed in individuals belonging to social minorities, such as non-white people and women. According to The 2020 KPMG Women’s Leadership Summit Report, 57% of female employees have experienced this when taking on a new leadership role or becoming an executive. However, there are ways to face the situation and free yourself from these paralyzing thoughts.

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In this sense, the psychologist, Mara Lemes Martins, brings some tips for those who want to win an internship opportunity: Topics infographic with tips to get internship Know yourself and understand your true abilities : Set aside time to reflect on your talents and past achievements. Accepting your limitations and recognizing your strengths is a powerful path to building solid self-confidence. Set realistic goals : Your goals should China WhatsApp Number List be challenging but achievable. It’s not about staying in the comfort zone, it’s about setting realistic goals. In this way, you will be able to progress in a healthy way. Allow yourself to celebrate your achievements : Don’t underestimate your accomplishments, even the smallest ones. Celebrating each success will strengthen your self-esteem and motivate you to keep growing. Be careful with excessive self-criticism : everyone makes mistakes, although it is not ideal, it can happen.

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Before criticizing yourself, focus on learning and correction. Remember to be as kind and compassionate to yourself as you are to other people. Don’t strive for perfection : this is a dangerous trap and can undermine any confidence, no matter how high it is. Growth must occur in a healthy way. As mentioned earlier, slip-ups are part of this process and are best accepted as valuable advisors. Organize your routine : procrastination Europe Email and disorganization reduce the time to carry out tasks, requiring more effort from your body and mind. Seek networking : interact with other colleagues and realize your qualities. This calls for authenticity and helps you appreciate your quirks and individuality. Practice self-care : take care of the physical and emotional part, prioritizing good quality sleep, healthy eating, exercise and moments of relaxation.

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