tuition fees at President University with Danacita

Therefore, Danacita is a financial technology company whose mission is to expand access to education in indonesia.

Through the collaboration between danacita. And president university, prospective students and. Active students at president university can take advantage. Of regular installment programs and multi-semester. Installment programs to achieve their future goals without. Having to worry about being constrained by tuition fees.

Therefore, As an official partner of president university, danacita certainly. Ensures all aspects of comfort and data security for prospective. Students and active students at president university. When submitting applications at danacita. This is proven by.

danacita is licensed and supervised by the financial services authority

Data security : danacita has been certified iso 27001 as a sign of implementing information security practices, so your data security is guaranteed
Official partner of president Guatemala Phone Number List university and 50+ educational and training institutions with payment of tuition fees directly to the campus
Submission without dp or guarantee
How to apply for tuition fees at president university with danacita
Visit the danacita website. Register here
Click submit the amount of your education fees.

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Therefore,  Prepare the necessary documents such as proof of invoice from president university & salary slips / transfers of guardian accounts for the last 1 month.
Therefore,  Make sure the mobile number registered (student & guardian) can be contacted by the danacita verification team. Check the status of the application in your danacita account.
If you want to continue your higher education or to improve your future career with president university, you can immediately take advantage of the collaboration program between danacita and president university.

To enhance the collaboration that has been established and provide ease

Therefore,  Application for prospective students and active students at president university. Danacita has the opportunity to socialize a multi-semester.Therefore, collaboration Europe Email installment financing program that allows prospective students and active students at president university to be able to finance tuition fees for 4 semesters at once. In just one submission at danacita.

This multi-semester installment program aims to provide practical.Therefore, solutions for prospective students and active students at president university to be able to study comfortably at. President university without having to be burdened by tuition fees.

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