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Inbound Marketing strategy Inbound Marketing Share Social networks are part of people’s lives and, over time, they have conquered a space in the daily lives of companies, regardless of the segment. They were once the most important investment by big brands, entered a questioning phase and now have reached the position of being part of any strategy, but hardly the protagonist of a project. Within the Inbound Marketing strategy , social networks assume the role of supporting the generation of traffic to the customers’ main channel. What does that mean? In summary, it would be the push in the dissemination of posts and premium content publish online. After publishing content, followers are expect to click and follow the reading outside the social network environment.

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visitors and potential leads to your customers’ e-commerce, services or products website, not to stay there creating engagement and conversations that lead nowhere. Of course, social networks also play a Denmark Cell Phone Number List role in boosting branding . This is common knowledge. However, focusing on the growth of the brand image is another type of strategy, which is beyond the objectives of those who invest in inbound. We’ve outgrown the idea that social media alone can drive customers to a specific website. Facebook , for example, wants to keep users more involved in the social network every day, without leaving the network environment and going to YouTube or the brand’s website. After all, just like you and your customers, Mark Zuckerberg is looking for financial return and staying in the online space created by him has everything to do with that. How to take advantage of the benefits of social networks in the Inbound Marketing strategy.


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Many customers believe that there is only one

Audience for their brand. Big mistake. Each digital environment attracts different people and needs. It is necessary to identify the peculiarities and work on them. The first step is to set up a specific post schedule for social networks.. The Google spreadsheet is a practical way for those Europe Email who work with large teams and need to make daily updates. Just give the specific accesses and organize everything by columns/rows. When structuring, remember to include content that leads to the website. Especially publish posts and landing pages that host premium content. This step is essential for the success of an Inbound Marketing project. If you notice that the public really likes this type of post.

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