Understand which strategies to use in favor of your team’s productivity

In this sense, creating internal strategies to increase employee engagement and efficiency is essential. Therefore, Carina Costa, high performance mentor for entrepreneurs, shows five tips on how to measure and activate results: Performance indicators It is important to define key performance indicators, the KPIs – Key Performance Indicators , specific and measurable aligned with the objectives of the corporation and the business. and team goals. However, the most common include sales volume, average delivery time, problem resolution rate, among others. Performance evaluations Regular performance evaluations must be carried out and serve to know how the individual progress of each member of the staff is going. This can be done through individual meetings, formal feedback or specific software for performance evaluation. time tracking Use time recording tools to keep track of each member. Thus, knowing how much of the workload he dedicates to a certain task.

These KPIs can vary by industry

This makes it possible to identify areas where the greatest amount is being and to optimize its use. customer feedback Listen to customer feedback on the quality of work deliver. This be through satisfaction surveys, testimonials or direct comments. Consumer satisfaction is a relevant indicator in this regard. Within this dynamic, Nube itself – Núcleo Brasileiro de Estágios relies on technological Algeria WhatsApp Number List solutions fromTotal IP. From the use ofDynamic Robots, it is possible to capture the impression of those who contact us. Data analysis Use available quantitative data, such as sales reports, service metrics or software productivity data , to assess performance across days. This analysis allows you to identify patterns, analyze areas for improvement and make informed decisions. Did you like the suggestions? Do you want to know more about market trends and how to put them into practice in your position or personal life.

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