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Niche validation Here we see that there is demand and, without Unlock Your a doubt, we can attack the market. But we have to validate that we can respond to the user’s search intent and provide more value than our competition to enter the game. When I see the SERPs I see that the content can be improved, so there is an opportunity. Suppliers with margin? Here we go in search of local suppliers, who can offer us shipments in 5-9 days. For example, in Chile I would use Mercado Libre to test the product, since there are many importers there and I could find very.

Validates that this Unlock Your product is currently

competitive prices and very fast shipping. In this industry email list case, being the United States, you could use Spocket (a Shopify app) to find suppliers in the country with fast shipping. Supplier validation Escalated? This factor is very important because it validates that this product is currently selling and is scaling. That means there are people investing money in ads for more than 7 days and it is still profitable. Here we use Facebook’s Ads library to find competitors who have had active ads for more than 7 days.

industry email list

See that the content can be improved

This will tell us that they are being profitable Europe Email with the product, since the testing of a product usually lasts a maximum of 4-5 days, so if you continue running campaigns after that time while being at a loss, you would be burning money. When searching for the product we found several brands running different advertisements more than 7 days old. Therefore, we validate that the product is in demand and profitable after paying for advertising. Competition escalation

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