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Calling It Old School A Guide to Mastering the Landline
In our age of smartphones and video calls the humble landline phone might seem like a relic of the past. But landlines are still widely used in homes and businesses offering a reliable and familiar way to connect. Whether you’re new to using a landline or just need a refresher this guide will walk you through everything you need to know about dialing numbers.


Landline phones come in functionality

Remains the same. The first step is to pick up the receiver the part you hold to your ear. This will typically establish a connection and produce a dial tone – a continuous highpitched hum indicating the line is ready for use.

Dialing the Number

Most landlines feature a keypad with numbers . Locate the phone number you want to call and use the keypad to enter it digit by digit. Here’s where things can differ slightly depending on the type of call you’re making

Local Calls If you’re calling a number within your local CRB Directoy calling area usually identified by the same area code as your own you can simply dial the sevendigit phone number.
LongDistance Calls For calls beyond your local area you’ll typically need to dial an access code often followed by the area code and the sevendigit phone number.
International Calls

To call a another country

You’ll need to use the international dialing prefix for your country e.g. in the US followed by the country code area code if applicable and the local phone number. You can find a comprehensive list of international dialing codes online.

Making the Connection

Once you’ve entered the entire phone number wait for a dial tone confirmation usually a series of beeps before hanging up the receiver slightly. This allows the call to connect. You should then hear ringing on the other end indicating the phone is being dialed.

Bonus Tip

Many landlines have a redial button that allows you to instantly Not only teach technical skills redial the last dialed number saving you time if the call doesn’t go through the first time.

So there you have it! With these simple steps you’ll be a landline pro in no time. Landlines offer a clear connection and can be a great option for those who prefer a more traditional communication method.

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