Want to be a dentist Check the Latest FKG UNPAD PMB Info

The faculty of dentistry, university of padjadjaran, also known as fkg unpad. Is a faculty of dentistry which was founded on the premise that there were relatively. Few dental health workers in indonesia in 1956-1957 and dentistry education in that year was still incorporated into the medical faculty. This is what prompted the executive board of the indonesian dentist association (pdgi), including prof. Drg. Soeria soemantri, mph and prof. Dr. Rm soelarko to establish new dentistry faculties according to pdgi’s goals.

Then on september 1, 1959 fkg unpad was officially

Formed in accordance with the decree of the minister of education and culture number 85633/s. And since 2003, fkg unpad has opened South Africa Phone Number List international classes by implementing student active learning with the problem based learning method . Also in 2003, fkg unpad had a dental and oral hospital (rsgm) on the sekeloa campus which was a development of a student work clinic.

Apart from that, from the oral and dental hospital (rsgm), fkg unpad has also been equipped with various facilities that can be used to support successful learning for students at fkg unpad, including.

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Laboratories, such as computer laboratories and integrated research laboratories
Student facilities, such as canteens, student centers, student activity units, online learning systems, research laboratories and practicum laboratories
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Education program at the faculty of dentistry (fkg) unpad

If you want to study at fkg unpad, you can choose a variety of excellent study programs in the major tourism sector. Here is a list of 3 Europe Email excellent study programs that you can choose from at fkg unpad:

Regstration procedure at new student admissions (pmb) faculty of dentistry (fkg) unpad
When you have determined your future career to become a dentist. The choice of college has a very important role in opening up opportunities in the future. So , here’s information about registration procedures to be able. To take part in the fkg unpad new student admissions (pmb) process that you can use as a reference if you have made fkg unpad the choice to pursue higher education focusing on dentistry.

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