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Everything can be directly pushed into Google Analytics via an integration. Olivier Jaouen from Dexem and David Liger can tell. You more about measuring phone calls in the masterclass Feedback. How to strengthen your digital strategy by measuring your phone calls. Testing and measuring the contribution of your website’s means of contact will gradually allow you to find your own combination of performance! And if you want to know more about the subject, quickly discover.

That concern your sector of activity

The program of Inbound Marketing France and do not hesitate to take your place now for the event.Inbound Marketing France is a day with more than 70 speakers and 45 conferences. What to leave with a lot of ideas and phone number list actions to apply in your business. But sometimes, general concepts are not enough, you need personalization, listening and discussing with experts, on very specific issues that concern your sector of activity, your customers, your company. This is why this year, at IMF,  . Throughout the day, you will find various experts there, ready to answer all your questions and advise you on your digital strategies.

To know how to use it effectively and stand

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Among the multitude of levers that you will (re)discover on January 28, you can prioritize those that Europe Email will have an immediate impact on your performance. As a CEO or marketing manager, you surely have expectations, but you are not a specialist in all digital levers. Quentin, Jérémy, Alexandre and many other experts will be able to advise you. Increase your web marketing performance To create traffic and generate sales or contacts, web marketing is often a strategic lever. You still need to know how to use it effectively and stand out from your competitors. The cost of these actions requires the development of action plans adjusted to the millimeter! Adwords, display, sponsored publications on social networks.

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