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It is essential to know tools and new organizational structures, review and change different attitudes”, commented Renata Schiavone, Chief Legal Officer (CLO) and co-founder of Trillio Academy. In this same idea, Rebeca points to the concept of Lifelong learning , responsible for boosting constant learning, without ever ending. “Requalification is no longer an option, but a necessity. Professionals need to develop new skills, but for that, they must expand their repertoire. We all need to be able to see the future and make it an opportunity for us to grow as people,” she said. : How can I develop my skills to be an indispensable professional in the future? For the ICA founder, when it comes to this subject, the first point is to plan a healthy career. That is, keeping your skills up to date according to market demands without compromising your mental.

The ability to learn is a differential

This is because a good professional cannot offer the team what he does not find in himself. “Even with the best training, we know how many leaders were not trained to handle the new activities. These are dynamics that were not demanded in antiquity as they are today, such as: artificial intelligence, practices Armenia WhatsApp Number List ESG, inclusion, diversity, equity, harassment and the like. These are very contemporary issues”, concluded Rebeca. To help those who want to boost their skills and keep up to date with constant changes, Rebeca has selected some tips. Look: 1) Know how to set priorities: Identify the areas of knowledge most relevant to your work and focus on them. This helps to avoid overhead and allows for a more targeted update. Use digital resources to your advantage.

WhatsApp Mobile Number List

We recommend lifelong learning

In this way, you can use these tools to adapt them to your routine. 3) Organize a time dedicated only to learning: Set aside specific times in your calendar to catch up, whether it’s daily, weekly, or monthly. Having a dedicated schedule helps maintain balance and avoid constant excess pressure. Therefore, to always stay on top of successful news, Nube is your ally! Follow TV Nube and check out other articles on Europe Email the blog , frequently posted to help you enter the market. Also follow us on social networks, we are present on Instagram, Threads, Facebook, Twitter (X), LinkedIn, TikTok and YouTube with incredible posts . Don’t forget to download the Nube Vagas app , available for Android and iOS. Leaving notifications active you don’t miss any opportunity. Nube helps you stay up-to-date, encourages you to change and achieve the much.

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