What is BeReal the application without filters

BeReal is an application in which its users share photos only. Once a day when the app requests it at a random time. No filters are applied because the goal is to capture a moment as authentically as possible. If you are a lover of social networks, you have surely heard about this application more than once, because since last year it has become fashionable.

It is a concept that challenges the trends of these times. So if you’ve been wondering what BeReal is , you’re in the right place. Here we will show you not only what this application consists of and how it works, but also different aspects related to it that. Will help you understand why this platform has prevailed in the market in recent months.

What is BeReal and how does it work

BeReal was launched in 2020 in France, along with a totally innovative concept: leaving aside the superficiality of the most used social networks. Therefore, in which people can only see what we want them to see. While the above does not have to be a negative thing, BeReal decided to challenge it, and has been very successful!

In October 2022, it already had more than 50 million downloads. Between Google Play and the App Store. The way this application works is quite company data simple: it consists of uploading one photo a day at the time the app requests it, that is, there is no predetermined time, it takes you by surprise. The photo is taken with the internal and external cameras. So your friends will be able to see not only your surroundings, but also your face (or whatever you decide to point your camera at).

How do you use the BeReal app

The first thing to use BeReal is to download it on your smartphone with Android or iOS operating system. In either of the two, you will find it in the application store. Once downloaded, you will only have to do a fairly simple registration in which. Therefore, you confirm your phone number along with some information. 

Both at that moment and whenever the Europe Email application notifies you that it is time to upload your BeReal, you will have two minutes to do so. As long as the timer is running. You can repeat the photos until you find the right one. 

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