What is expect from CRO is very simpl

What is the objective: What is expect from CRO is very simple: increase the conversion rate on a website or landing page. In practice, if you receive 1,000 visits to your website and make 10 sales, conversion optimization will work to increase these 10 sales with the same volume of visits. To achieve this, the methodology will be appli to review the structure of your online channel, carrying out tests with key points of the contact point structure: title; description; benefits; calls to action; customer testimonials; images; among others. 3.3. When to invest: If your company already invests in acquiring traffic, whether via sponsor links, SEO, email marketing or offline mia, it is likely that your website or landing page already has a good volume of visits. However, if there is no measurement of conversions or improvement of interfaces, what is happening, in practice, is that you are filling a leaky bucket. This is because.

The secret to selling more on the internet is showing

Black Friday: how SEO can be the difference for your e-commerce to sell more Flammo Team By Flammo Team October 30, 2018 The secret to selling more on the internet is showing your products to the right people. If you want to take advantage of the benefits of Black Friday to boost your e-commerce, you ne to focus on optimizing your pages so that they are found by Google . Thinking about SEO is essential for your visibility. Google has everything it nes to be the main sales driver for your e-commerce, as it is the largest search engine us in the world and it is not at all complicat to improve your position among the search results. The  new data acronym SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s work that involves preparing your pages so that they are found by Google’s algorithm and receive due attention.

The success of Black Friday in Brazil Black

 The success of Black Friday in Brazil Black Friday has already become a tradition in Brazil, especially in e-commerce. This is a great opportunity to increase your visibility and win more customers with truly attractive promotions and a success that can last even beyond this period. However, to achieve good results on your own Black Friday, you ne the strength of a competent marketing strategy. Optimizing the content of your e-commerce is the way to enhance this, as it will allow more and more audiences to reach your store. Black Friday numbers in Brazil Black Friday 2017 had a sales volume 16% higher than the previous year. According to the Europe Email  Brazilian Electronic Commerce Association (ABComm), Brazilian e-commerce generat R$2.48 billion in the last ition of Black Friday.

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