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Understanding what attracte new followers can help you to understand what your audience is (and is not) looking for! Audience demographics when you look at your followers. What do you see? With instagram analytics. You can access their location. Age and gender. This will show you who’s intereste in your content and if that matches your buyer persona profiles. If not. Why not? Is there a new audience emerging you didn’t know about or is there activity in an unexpecte city that you can now tap into? It will also help you to post content at specific times. For example.

If you have a lot of followers in western canada

If you have a lot of followers in western canada think about posting at times when they are awake and active. Best times to post on ig by location best times latest database to post on ig by location become a world class digital marketer engagement rate your engagement rate by followers and reach is an important insight to know. This will help you evaluate the performance of your account and posts and help you set a benchmark to measure and drive growth. Engagement rate by followers – likes + followers/number of followers x 100 engagement rate by reach – likes + comments/reach x 100 fee & stories posts when you tap on individual instagram posts. You can get a lot of data. It is not only likes.

Comments and saves you

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Comments and saves you can see but you also interactions. Discovery and impressions. Interactions – this shows profile visits and website clicks reach – you can look Europe Email at accounts reache and follows impressions – this shows impressions from hashtags. Home. Profile. And others by analyzing the data for individual posts in your fee. You can determine what content is working and what people are responding to. It also gives you insight into what hashtags are searche for and what content drives click-through to your website or landing page. For instagram stories you can see interactions or profile visits. Impressions. Follows. Replies.

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