When a prospect decides to call your company

Phone means of contact site Phone The telephone number has long been discreet on the websites of companies following an Inbound Marketing strategy. For various reasons, and in particular the ever-increasing use of mobile for which the call is a natural CTA, the telephone is a means of contact recently put forward by inbound marketers. Besides the fact that the phone call allows direct and human contact between your prospects and your teams, it is also a source of highly qualified leads. Indeed, , he has already completed more than ¾ of his buying journey.

As an Inbound Marketer following a data

Phone calls reflect a strong and urgent need. Telephone leads therefore represent a tremendous opportunity as part of an Inbound Marketing strategy. The Latest Mailing Database magic recipe for performance? Test and measure! As an Inbound Marketer following a data-driven logic, we naturally ask ourselves the question of the performance of these different means of contact. Which has the best conversion rate? Which combination has the highest return on investment? At the risk of disappointing you, there is no perfect and universal recipe that corresponds to all companies and therefore yours.

The right combination of contact methods

Latest Mailing Database

The perfect and universal recipe does not exist Already, can we really speak of a means of contact better than the others? The thing is, forms, chat, and phone Europe Email complement each other in a lot of ways. Each of these means of contact can intervene in a different way in the purchase journey, and at different times. The right combination of contact methods you use on your website is complex, and above all contextual . It depends on the level of maturity of the visitor / lead who uses it, but also on the sector of activity in which you operate, your target audience, the type of products and services you offer, etc.

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