Why Choose Twitter for Your Business

Why choose twitter for your business social networks let’s start from afar: what is twitter and how is it use? Before talking about the importance of twitter for your company. Within a social meia marketing strategy. Let’s start from the beginning: what is twitter. What type of social meia is it and how is it use? I ask you this question because twitter is a very well-known social network. But often put aside. Because many companies prefer facebook which is an excellent social platform. With different functions. However! Integrating twitter into your digital strategy is. However. A great opportunity! Twitter is a platform frequente by millions of users and. If use well. Helps a company achieve its business goals! 

How do you write a post on Twitter?

Let’s start from what twitter is and some of its characteristics. To understand this point! First question: what is twitter? It is a social meia. Which stands out from others. Because it is a microblogging platform intende for  information and the special data dissemination of news in real time ! At any time. Therefore. A company that has a twitter account will be able to share a post and communicate to the community of followers anything it deems interesting! Second question: how do you use twitter? For brevity. I will only refer to tweets. Also calle tweets. Which are the heart of twitter! Tweets are posts share by users within the platform. Which trigger a dialogue between people from all over the world. On common topics! 

Who reads a company's tweets?

Just write a tweet and share it. To make it visible to your circle of followers and even outside! Anyone intereste in the same topic will be able to read your tweet. Thanks to the hashtags! This does not happen. However. On facebook: a company that has a Europe Email facebook page will only display the contents to those who have “Like” its page! This is a difference to keep in mind. Because the effects of twitter marketing go beyond the company page and the acquire followers: with tweets you can potentially reach anyone. Even those who don’t know your brand and therefore don’t follow your business page ! How do you write a post on twitter?

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