Why is It Necessary to Ask During an Interview

Most students already have the thought to start trying to find professional experience such as internships. Many campuses require their students to do an internship as a graduation requirement. But there are also some campuses that do not require it.

The process of being accepted for an internship or full time position is certainly not easy. Especially for those of you who want to start working for the first time. One of the stages that must be passed is the interview. For some people, interviews are still a scary thing and that’s normal. For those of you who want an interview, you can read this first so you can prepare well.

Why is it necessary to ask during an interview

There are still many job seekers , especially students who are just starting their careers, confused, should they ask the interviewer? At the Canada Phone Number List end of the interview, the interviewer usually likes to ask “Is there anything you want to ask?” to potential candidates . Unfortunately, sometimes those who still don’t know, may not ask any questions at all and just simply answer “No”.

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Basically, asking questions during an interview can be a plus point for you in the interviewer’s eyes. In fact, they feel more interested and pay more attention to potential candidates asking questions.

The prospective candidate looks like he has potential

Prospective candidate really wants to make sure whether the company is suitable and suitable for him.

During the interview, you can ask many things, one of which is about the job position you are applying for. You can ask questions like:

How is life in this company?
Not infrequently the job description Europe Email written by the company only describes the outline and even does not explain it clearly. This question can help you to imagine your daily life when you work and focus on what work will take up most of your time.

Can you provide an example of a project for this position?
Usually, the interviewer will provide clearer details on project examples , they may even describe the challenges they faced while carrying out the project . With this you can assess whether the position is really suitable for you or not and think about whether you are capable of carrying out these projects .

Apart from the job position, things that can be asked are about the company where you are applying, such as.


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