Why Should You Choose Digital Marketing in Your Career

As previously discussed, digital marketing experts are needed in Indonesia, given the development of existing digital technology. Apart from that, why should you choose digital marketing for your career, because this field is very diverse. This is because more and more platforms will develop so that the opportunities for additional professions in this field along with lucrative salaries will also increase.

Another reason is because the salary that will be obtained is quite good. As detailed in the previous section, both the salary of a digital marketing in general and based on the type of work are both relatively good when compared to other fields.

You can also have the opportunity to continue to grow. With so much scope in digital marketing, if you start a career, you can learn many things at the same time. So that digital marketing belongs to a field that is not monotonous because you will continue to learn new things every day.

How to Become a Digital Marketer

If you have read up to this point, then you are very interested in becoming a Digital Marketer. There are two ways you can go. First, you can learn self-taught by using online tutorials. Where this method will take a long time and the  Australia Phone Number List direction is not clear. Or in a second, easier way, where you can study with a mentor, with material prepared for those of you who are not even a marketing graduate, and will also get job offers immediately after graduation.

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If you choose the second method, Danacita will advise you to take part in a training / bootcamp / course that has been tested for quality, and is also an official partner of Danacita.


Purwadhika is one of the pioneers of educational institutions in Indonesia

Which has a focus on the world of digital technology education. By studying at Purwadhika, you will directly learn through. Experienced Europe Email professionals in the technology industry so that you can become. A digital talent who has the competitiveness to be able to contribute in Indonesia and internationally.

Well, Purwadhika has many advantages as a pioneer of educational institutions, such as:

Access to 500+ hiring partners who have worked with Purwadhika
Mentoring with leading practitioners
Obtain a certification to be signed by an experienced practitioner
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