Why you should join CoLearn

There are several advantages that students can get when taking classes at colearn. This advantage certainly will not only be felt by students, but also parents of students. So, here danacita summarizes some of the advantages that you will get at colearn

Pr assistance . With the question feature available 24 hours, students only need to take photos of math, physics and chemistry questions so Why you should join CoLearn that students become independent and can feel confident doing difficult homework.
Concept understanding . Through classes that are conducted live and will be very interactive so that students can focus on understanding concepts with guru champion.
Learning consistency.

At colearnstudents can study flexibly anywhere so that

distance, weather and so on.
Inspiration & guidance . Through Ukraine Phone Number List inspiration classes students will become more confident in achieving their dreams through colearn+
Study report . At colearn, parents will get study reports and of course routine and clear so that parents know about their children’s activities, achievements and developments.
Question practice . Students can practice independently or together with exercises designed according to the needs of students
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Course fee installments at colearn with danacita

Colearn and danacita have officially collaborated to provide financing solutions for students who wish to attend classes at colearn. Danacita is a financial technology company whose mission is to expand access to education for all young people in indonesia. Apart from being the official financing partner at colearn, danacita has also collaborated with more than 50 educational and training institutions in indonesia.

So you don’t need to worry about applying at danacita because danacita

Is licensed and supervised by the ojk and is iso 27001 certified for the security of your submission data.

The following are collaborative programs between danacita and colearn that you can choose from:

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How to apply for financing at colearn through danacita
Open the danacita website, or click register here
Click submit the amount of your Europe Email educational costs
Prepare all necessary documents such as proof of billing from colearn, salary slips, and also trustee accounts for the last 1 month
Make sure the mobile number that you Why you should join CoLearn registered (whether it’s a student or guardian), can be contacted by the danacita verifier team
Check the status of your application in your danacita account
Come on, make your educational journey easier and more affordable with danacita.

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