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Today, many professions give you the possibility of working anywhere. Thanks to the Internet and technology, and you can work while traveling and thus see the best places on the planet. In this article we show you the. Alternatives you can choose if you want to make this possible. In addition, We often find stories of people who, by decision of the company or of their own free will, left their cities and bet on races that allow them to generate income while traveling around the world.

Therefore, An example of this is the approximately 495 thousand pages focused on this topic. On Google alone. In fact, given the evidence of several success stories. Many people are beginning to think about the possibility of leaving their job to also work on their own and without a fixed residence.

How to plan to work while traveling?

Nowadays, many jobs already allow the professional to work wherever they are , as long as they have access to the Internet and technology. At the beginning Work while of 2020, the COVID-19 health emergency forced a confinement of almost all nations worldwide. As an essential strategy to prevent the spread of the disease.

In addition, Already by mid-2020, 73% of workers executive email list in Mexico claimed to be working from home, and in Chile the average was 74% according to Statista.com . While it is true that working while traveling was a trend that existed before the pandemic. This phenomenon caused the positions that include teleworking options to increase from 15,771 in 2018 to 556,088 in 2021 according to Infojobs.

Change of city for work Work while

In addition, Those professionals who have the opportunity to change country. State or city at the request of the company where they work, for example, have to know two or more languages, predominantly English, today considered the universal language.

Likewise, this professional will need to have a good interpersonal. Relationship and a deep knowledge of the company’s business. To ensure that quality Europe Email parameters will be maintained anywhere in the world. Therefore, When the change takes place at the request of the company. The employee is usually informed in advance of the possible places where he can.

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