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Social media Share How is your brand’s relationship with the public on social networks ? If you don’t know or think that these things aren’t going there, you may need to improve your relationship marketing on these channels a little more. Even if you think you’re doing well, maybe some of these tips can help you grow even more! Marketing of relationship Social networks work as true bridges between customers and the brand. In addition, they make it possible to create or intensify the relationship with potential customers. And if that is still not enough, you can check out this post for more “ 10 reasons to bet on Relationship Marketing on Social Networks ”.

Now for the tips: Speed Few things are more

Damaging to a business than failing to respond quickly to users across networks. The longer you delay, the more room for doubts regarding efficiency and credibility. If you’re already in the middle of a Germany Mobile Number List crisis, even worse. So keep your social media team ready to respond within minutes to all messages. Transparency Don’t lie and don’t try to make up situations. In 100% of the time, this type of conduct is more of a hindrance than a help, since most users soon realize the lack of honesty. And, if by chance anything goes wrong: be clear, apologize, and propose to resolve the situation as soon as possible. Interaction Talk to your audience and create a relationship where both sides participate.


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Don’t expect to only respond to negative comments

Play, praise and comment whenever possible. Depending on the case, emoticons and memes are super valid! Language We just talked about interaction and how important it is. But beware, if not done with planning, it can go very wrong. That’s because you need, first of all, to study the appropriate Europe Email language to talk to your audience on social media. It’s no use trying to “surf” the meme wave if they aren’t relevant to your followers. free ebook summer bowie trends digital marketing 2017 tips social networks inbound marketing seo planning and content Prev PREVIOUS Increase your conversion rates NEXT Press office x communication agencies: know the differences Next What’s your challenge? increase sales brand visibility Social media Paid Media (Ads) Podcasts and Videos content marketing Recent Posts Marketing Consulting for Marketing .

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