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There are many buyers who search for products by browsing categories instead of searching for keywords in the search bar. About 25% of conversions on Shopee and Lazada come via category navigation or other banner images that direct customers to product collections.

Therefore, it is important to publish your product under the most appropriate category.

This allows buyers to easily find your product when they view a certain category. 

To view the list of Shopee categories, you must be logged in to your Shopee Seller Account. 

Click My Products. 


Now, hover over the Batch tool and select Mass Upload

You can now see a complete database list of Shopee categories. By typing your product in the search box, you will be able to research what category the item belongs to. 

Ensure All Product Attributes Are Fulfilled Product attributes relate to details or characteristics that describe your product. By entering accurate and precise product attributes, you will not only increase your product exposure and searches, but you will also help customers have a clear picture of what your product is made of.

If you don’t fill in your product attributes with content, you will never appear in the attribute filter results and lose all that traffic and potential revenue.

Some Tips on How to Write Great Product Descriptions

Shopee Category Level


The first level is the main category. As the main category, it is important to reflect the specific function of the product. The second and third category levels pertain to your

For example, if you sell running shoes for women, your main product category would be Women’s Shoes. You may then decide to designate Running Shoes as a level two category. As for the third level category, you can label it under the footwear. 

Note that if the main category Europe Email already describes a product’s specific gender or age group, it is no longer necessary to use a Gender + Specifications + Product / Age + Specifications + Product / Age + Gender + Specifications + Product name format. 

But we still recommend that you do so to make product selection much easier for your customers. 

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