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Let’s say someone wants to buy a scarf at your store location at the local mall.

The customer walks up to where your scarf is displayed. He was hesitant at first because of the prices on display but decided to get a feel for the materials before leaving the shop. After witnessing the uniqueness of the materials used in the products, he decided to take the scarf over to the counter to buy the item.

Price is a huge factor for customers when deciding whether or not to buy an item.

But once the customer sees that the price is justified (because of product quality or extra features).

As a Shopee seller, you need to ensure that you have a great product listing that overcomes conversion barriers (whether they are related to cost, quality or competition).

Customers Shop Online

Let’s say that same customer wants to find a warm scarf in preparation for the cold season. Instead of going to the mall, this time, he decided to head over to the Shopee app and see what he could find.

In her product search results, your cashmere scarf is one of the things that catches her eye. However, when she visits your product listing, she becomes unsure whether your scarf is the one that meets her current needs. She wanted a nice cashmere fabric, not too sheer – something really soft.

Customers look at your product descriptions to get a clearer picture of what your product has to offer. He examines your product images to see what they look like when zoomed in. But your image doesn’t show the details it wants and it doesn’t communicate your product’s specific value well enough to make it convert.

Customers decide to buy a different product simply because there is a gap in your product listing.

Another Shopee seller whatsapp mobile number list describes his scarf as “a good thing for winter or winter” whereas you only describe your product as cashmere.

As a Shopee seller, you know what cashmere fabric is used for. While some buyers know this too, many potential customers don’t.

If this situation occurs in a mall or other physical location

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customers will be able to tell your scarf is for winter. He will be able to physically assess and feel the product.

However, because the transaction is done online, it has no basis other than the content of your own product listings.

Therefore, it is important to make your product listing the best. Ultimately, you are selling your images and text to potential online buyers.

Before we talk about how great Europe Email product listings are made, let’s take a look at how businesses work on Shopee as well as other eCommerce marketplaces.

Selling on Shopee – The 6 Biggest Success Factors For Shopee Sellers
Selling on Shopee – The 6 Biggest Success Factors For Shopee Sellers

The illustration above pretty much encapsulates how your product listing. Connects to how you’ll get sales – from being found in search results to having enough visual appeal to get clicks to converting users on your Product Detail Pages.

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