whether your children are studying

Of course, you who are in primary and secondary school or university cannot avoid academic questions, such as “Are your grades good. What’s your CGPA. Which school. What department?” When they hear that it is a famous school or a professional department, they will exclaim “Wow!” and keep praising you. which is normal. If there […]

Avoid owing money durling

In ancient times.only poor families would eat rice porridge on the first day of the Lunar New Year. Therefore, there is a saying that eating dry rice on the first day of the Lunar. New Year means that the family will be rich for the whole year. Of course, it is a different story for […]

Avoid letting others take things

Every household has blessings and wealth. so cleaning the house during the Chinese. New Year will sweep away the wealth in the house and send away the. God of Wealth. Avoid breaking thingsChinese people are very averse to breaking bowls, plates, cups, tea sets, etc. on the first day of the Lunar New Year, as […]

Dry eyes night blindness dry skin slow

Benefits: Vitamin A is important for the production and repair of skin cells. It helps fight inflammation caused by skin problems. It also promotes the production of collagen, which is one of the important components of healthy skin. Studies have also shown that adequate intake of vitamin A can effectively improve vision problems. Sources: Carrots, […]

Your business for significant business growth

A fun way to educate, entertain, and  with your customers 5. Short, live and interactive videos Video content will continue to be. The dominant form of marketing in 2024. Short video, live streaming and interactive. Formats will be essential tools for engaging audiences. Metaverse and NFTs  The Metaverse is a trending. Digital universe where people […]

Funding in the Middle of a Pandemic

Memorandum of understanding ( mou) with janabadra university, one of the private tertiary institutions in indonesia. Yogyakarta area. Through this collaboration, danacita has officially become a monthly education financing solution for new Funding in the Middle students and active students at janabadra university. “Hopefully this collaboration can go well and not just stop at the […]

Why you should join CoLearn

There are several advantages that students can get when taking classes at colearn. This advantage certainly will not only be felt by students, but also parents of students. So, here danacita summarizes some of the advantages that you will get at colearn Pr assistance . With the question feature available 24 hours, students only need […]

4 Smart Tips for Choosing Affordable Tuition Installments

As we enter a new school year, many of us are considering the next step to continue our higher education. From the choice of campus, majors, and even finances to the cost of education into consideration. In this difficult time, college financing is one of the walls to achieve education. One solution is to apply […]

Studying at Sampoerna University with Danacita

Through the official partnership between sampoerna university and danacita, now you don’t have to worry anymore about paying for your education at sampoerna university. The collaboration held by danacita and sampoerna university is by holding an affordable monthly installment program for sampoerna university new student admissions (pmb). By applying for installments to danacita, prospective pmb […]

Latest PMB Sampoerna University Information

To continue their education, of course, everyone wants to study and acquire knowledge at a quality and well-accredited university, especially when continuing higher education. Not only state universities (ptn) are qualified, there are also many private universities (pts) whose quality is not inferior to ptn, one of which is sampoerna university. So, if you want […]

Danacita Installment Simulation for New Undergraduate

A statement of willingness to comply with the regulations in force at padjadjaran university which has been signed on a stamp duty of rp.10,000 (format can be downloaded) Photo files in jpg or pdf format with a maximum size of 1mb, with a white background and wearing a shirt with a dark blazer *for complete […]

Want to be a dentist Check the Latest FKG UNPAD PMB Info

The faculty of dentistry, university of padjadjaran, also known as fkg unpad. Is a faculty of dentistry which was founded on the premise that there were relatively. Few dental health workers in indonesia in 1956-1957 and dentistry education in that year was still incorporated into the medical faculty. This is what prompted the executive board […]