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What is the Definition of Productivity? Simply put, productivity is more output than input:  That is how much return we get from what we invest.

It is a measure of a person’s ability to complete a task. For example:

If we put in three hours to complete a task that should take six hours to complete – then technically we are being productive.

But this definition is more appropriate for the productivity of factory products, than it is matched with the productivity of humans as living beings.

I prefer to define productivity for a human like this:

If we have focus and time but lack energy then we will quickly tire and become

Lazy to perform tasks. If we have a lot of energy Latest Mailing Database and time but lack focus, our attention will be easily distracted, jumping from one task to another, without being able to complete our mandatory tasks.
If we have energy and focus but no time, we will ultimately not be able to be productive.
Therefore, productivity is a function of these three things.

This definition will help us clearly understand why we sometimes become unproductive at times.

The things we need to ask ourselves are:

Am I being lazy, distracted or in a hurry?”

Our answer will tell us which component we need to focus on, whether energy , focus or time , so that we can improve our own productivity.

Misconceptions About Productivity
We always think of productivity as meaning completing “as many” tasks as possible each day.


— True productivity is getting things done consistently .

And no matter what we’re working on, there are only a few things that really matter.

Being productive is about keeping a steady pace at some things, not going fast at everything

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This article is related to understanding how to manage Europe Email time, energy and focus so that we can live more productively, as well as how Islam can encourage us in those three factors.

With conditions
If we think about people who play video games , they have focus, they have energy and of course they also have time.

But will we categorize their activities as something productive?

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