Definition and real examples of subliminal advertising

Subliminal advertising is perhaps the most subtle way to promote a product or brand and leave an impression on the consumer. That is why it is very common to hear about it among marketing and sales departments. Next, we will define what subliminal advertising is exactly and give some examples that will help us understand […]

How to write your first post without dying trying

Diary of a blogger is a new section of my YouTube channel, where I will talk about my entire blogging journey, in my blog diary. Positive things, negative things, fears, professional doubts. Psychological and mental doubts, successes and everything that a person who decides to create a blog can possibly go through. And here, in […]

The 10 Best Personal Branding Books

The best personal branding books in 2023. Comments If you want to work on your Personal Brand successfully. Here are what are for me the Best Personal Brand Books and that will help you work on your personal branding and improve personal and professional development. This list can help you effectively manage your personal branding […]