Value proposition benefits and differentials

A question i am frequently asked is, what distinguishes the concepts of , benefits and differentials? The Value proposition is what every company has, it is what a customer buys when they buy from you, it is the sum of all the benefits, of all the arguments. All that list that you say, why us? […]

The objective is not the sale it is the recurrence of the sale

At the beginning every business is highly dependent on attracting new customers. The objective As you build a foundation, it will require seducing those who just know you into trusting you. Depending on the type of business and the frequency of replenishment of the product or service, the next purchase may take weeks, months or […]

We do not communicate the differentials

I found out about a company that manufactures and rents large inflatables for recreational events. Those huge ones several meters high that children play in and that children happily jump into. When i asked them about their differentials, they explained them clearly to me: they are the first to launch new attractions inspired by other […]

How to register a website in the main search engines

    Common to find advertisements from companies that  upon payment register your website in dozens of search engines, many of them, the majority, that no one even knows about. And, obviously, if no one knows, who is going to look for our page there? According to a study carried out by , Google […]

New trends in digital business

       The process of transformation. The next wave of change in the business world is not simply about developing digital capabilities independently, but about laying the foundation for a new reality. A hybrid reality that combines our physical existence in the material world with our digital life in the virtual world . The […]

Digital Marketing What it is and its advantages

Still remember when I studied marketing and they explained to me the first definition of marketing I ever heard in my life. After more than 25 years as a professional and being one of the pioneers in the sector, things have changed a lot until we reach the current definition of . Stay  with me […]

How to capture customer attention through

How to carry out an effective Inbound Marketing strategy ? Increase sales, capture qualified leads or increase your database. The objectives that your company pursues in each marketing action may be different. Capturing the attention of your potential client is the first step to achieving. How to capture any type of conversion, but how to […]

Tutorial to write SEO-perfect articles with SEMrush

What is SEO Writing Assistant? What is an SEO Writing Assistant for? In this guide you will see how this tool is used to write and structure articles to position on Google in a very simple way and how SEMrush’s SEO Writing Assistant works. For many people Tutorial to writing SEO-optimized content on their blog […]

Guide in Spanish What It is and How It Works

Therefore, What is Twitch and how does it work? If you are thinking about starting to use one of the largest streaming platforms for your brand or business Guide in Spanish and don’t know where to start, this guide is for you. Here you will learn to better understand what this platform is, who it […]

Benefits and advantages of companies

We all know that LinkedIn is the most professional social network of all, and that it is useful for enhancing work connections, connecting with professionals. Benefits an promoting our brand, generating leads or recruiting talent. But there is more, much more. Therefore, I want to show you what other advantages there are to being on […]

WordPress Widgets to install on website

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS in the world, used by millions of people and businesses to create and manage websites. One of the advantages is the large number of widgets. WordPress Widgets available that can be installed on your website to improve functionality. But with so many options, sometimes it’s hard to […]

10 effective ways to promote your company

How to advertise my business on the Internet ? Where to advertise my business online? These are questions that many people ask. 10 effective when they want to publicize their project online and in this article . You will see effective online ideas on how to make your business prosper. Nowadays, it is very important […]